Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Rainbow of Vitality: a Transformational Bodywork Series

There is so much more to your body than meets the eye.  Engage your inner healing process by connecting to the inner network of energy that sustains life, and engage that energy to support you in healing and transforming disease, pain, emotional distress, and fatigue.  This special series of treatments is a healing journey that incorporates many different massage and healing modalities, as well as follow up and check-in times in between sessions. 
This video walks you through the main energy centers in the body:
Earth - Root Chakra - tailbone, colon, immune system, hips, legs & feet
Relax into the support of the earth and feel your bones and tissues stretching, balancing, and becoming in harmony with your spirit, facilitating the experience of being connected to, and supported by life.
Modalities used: Thai Yoga Massage, Breema Bodywork, Reflexology

Water - Sacral Chakra - pelvis, intestines, reproductive organs & bladder
Our body is mostly made up of water - get the waters in your body flowing and balanced, detoxifying your body and enhancing your center of personal power & creativity.
Modalities Used: Lymphatic Drainage, Swedish Massage, Energy balancing

Fire -  Solar Plexus - stomach, liver, gallbladder, adrenals, spleen
cleansing, purifying and motivating.  Spark your fire and increase your passion and joy with this treatment that starts with some guided yoga, and then relax with the heat of the bio-mat and hot stone massage, supporting you to honor yourself, and maintain strong boundaries.
Modalities used: Yoga, Bio-Mat & Hot Stone massage

Air - Heart Chakra - chest, upper back & shoulders
A gentle touch session that focuses on connecting your body and spirit, and revitalizing your whole energy system by listening to your heart and engaging your compassion towards your self and others.
Modalities used: Aromatherapy, Polarity, Hakomi-Inspired Therapy

Ether - Throat Chakra - neck, thyroid, jaw
Gentle rocking and stretching to all of the joints in the body, as well as for the neck and throat and energy balancing to assist you in listening to your inner guide and speak your truth clearly.
Modalities used: Energy Balancing, Stretching, Sound Therapy
Light - Third Eye - brain, nerves, eyes, ears, nose, pituitary
Gentle face massage with guided visualization to support you in seeing the difference between truth and illusion, and see the bigger picture in your life, as well as slow down over-active mental activity. 
Modalities used: Cranial Sacral, Bio-Mat, Guided Visualization

Consciousness - Crown Chakra - head, muscles & skeletal system
This energy work supports you in connecting your body to your spiritual nature, and in letting go of fears in order to center yourself in faith.  
Modalities used: Cranial-Sacral, Sound Therapy, Bio-Mat.

Single RAINBOW Vitality Session -75 minute session
(you can pay as you go, or pick one chakra to focus on)
BONUS #1 -Check-in session - After your Rainbow Vitality Session, you will have a 20 minute check in with Laura Rose on the phone so that you can deepen into the inner healing dialogue.
BONUS #2 - Optional journaling and relaxation exercises before and after your Rainbow Vitality session!
Normally, the investment is $120...  Special introductory offer... $100!   
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Complete Rainbow Vitality Series
A series of seven 75 minute sessions for each energy center 
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BONUS #1 - Seven half time check-in sessions
In between your Rainbow Vitality Sessions, you will have a 20 minute check in with Laura Rose on the phone so that you can deepen into the inner healing dialogue.
BONUS #2- Journaling and relaxation exercises
before and after your Rainbow Vitality sessions!
BONUS #3- Relaxing Eye pillow
BONUS #4- Comfortable Ear plugs
BONUS #5- Customized aromatherapy blend
Normally, the investment is $840... Special introductory offer... $600!  
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