Wednesday, April 25, 2012

How to save on your next massage

What would your world be like if you received a massage at least 
once per month? 
Here are some ways to
SAVE on your next massage:
3 - 60 minutes - normally $75 each ($225) 
NOW $65 each ($195*) save $30!  
3 - 75 minutes - normally $90 each ($270) 
NOW $75 each ($225*) save $45!    
3 - 90 minutes - normally  $110 ($330) 
 NOW $90 each ($270*) save $60!

(*VIP Packages must be used within 90 days of original purchase date,
and can be shared with friends & family.
Purchase must be made with cash or check. 
Offer valid ONLY in Colorado,
and expires May 31, 2012) 
Another way to SAVE
(they will thank you!) 

Referral reward program:
YOU get: 
15 minutes FREE with each person you refer!  
Refer three people and you will get one   

And the people you send to me get:

$15 off their first massage!** 
** Valid in Colorado ONLY

Invest in your relationship: Learn Partner Massage!

Invest in your relationship: Learn Partner Massage!

Why Learn Partner Massage? Partner Massage is a wonderful way to connect and support each other to relax and unwind.

What you will learn in this massage class:  
*Simple, fun, comfortable massage and stretching moves that are easy on your own body.  
*Communication skills to help your partner give you the best touch. 
*Effective, safe ways to relieve tension in neck and shoulders, low back, hips, and feet. 
*Ways to keep yourself comfortable as you give massage. 

No yoga or massage experience necessary, beginners are welcome! Please bring: comfortable clothing (including socks and a long sleeve shirt), a pillow, and a twin or full sized sheet.  
The instructor: Laura Rose has been giving massages for twelve years and is certified in Pre-Natal massage and has assisted with two natural births.  The techniques she learned in Thailand are really easy for anyone to do, and believes in the power of touch to heal and transform.

New date:
July 28th 3:30-5:30   
300 Josephine St 
Denver, CO 80206 

$50 per couple  
Register with Belly Bliss: 
(303) 399-1191 

The Healing Powers of the Bio-Mat!

I am thrilled to be able to offer the Bio-Mat as an addition to the therapies that I offer. It is an amazing healing tool, with cutting edge technology that is helpful for almost anybody!

The Bio-Mat uses a combination of far infrared light, negative ions, and amethyst quartz crystals to increase cellular communication.

The Bio-Mat converts electricity into warm Far Infrared Rays (FIR),

nature's invisible light. This reduces swelling and inflammation, increases blood flow and has been shown to destroy cancer without damaging healthy tissues.
The penetrating light reaches 6-8 inches within the body where it stimulates healing and regeneration of tissues.

Benefits of the Bio-Mat:

Deeply calm your mind and body
Relieve pain and joint stiffness
Increase blood circulation
Reduce stress and fatigue
Boost the immune system
Induce deep delta state of relaxation
Burn calories and control weight
Remove waste and toxins
Boost energy and vitality

Experience the Bio-Mat with your next massage for only $10 extra


try a half hour on the Bio-Mat for only $20!

Call today to reserve your bio-mat session:


Customize your massage with "Smooth"

Featured technique of the month: smooth Smooth out those tight, bumpy places in your body as well as in your emotional body with the "smooth" technique - an open hand or forearm is applied with light to medium or deep pressure in order to increase circulation, soften tight areas, and just smooth things over. Request this technique with your next massage (and pick a few more off the checklist that sound good to your body!)